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Planning and Advocacy

To garner support and coordination with public agencies, elected officials, community groups and business organizations in order to facilitate the investment of public and private resources that foster opportunities to improve the quality of life in EaDo.

Business Development

Develop, support, and promote economic growth by creating and reinforcing positive perceptions of East Downtown as an outstanding place in which to live, work, shop, visit, build, or invest.

Public Safety and District Operations

To create a safe environment through coordination with law enforcement agencies and programs to ensure that the District is among the most crime-free and desirable neighborhoods in the city of Houston and Harris County.

  1. Graffiti Abatement: Quick removal of graffiti has demonstrated time and time again to increase the sense of safety in an area as well as discourage graffiti. Even the most effective graffiti abatement programs won’t completely remove the problem of tagging all together, but it reduces tagging overall. This program provides rapid response to graffiti tagging on both public and privately owned properties. Within the public areas tagging is removed from traffic signs, bus stops, curbs, highway retaining walls or columns, etc. For privately owned areas we request that a permission waiver be filled-out and sent to us in order for the EDMD graffiti abatement crews to remove tagging from those locations whenever it occurs.
  2. Right of Way Maintenance: The purpose of this program is to maintain a trash–free and landscaped public rights-of-way in the district. On a regular basis the EDMD crews pick up trash within the street right-of-way throughout EaDo. The crews address every street within the District, but at different level of service depending on trash accumulation. The crews also address illegal dumping locations. Included in the service is mowing and edging along the street right-of-way.
  3. Code Enforcement/Nuisance Abatement: In order to retain compliance with City of Houston Codes the EDMD conducts field reviews of the entire district once a month. Those types of violations that are reported include: abandon buildings, illegal dumping sites, overgrown grass/weeds; and other code and neighborhood protection violations that are enforced by the City of Houston. Regular monitoring of code violations enables the EDMD to retain a high level of standards for the maintenance of private property.