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The East Downtown Management District (EDMD) is committed to working with public agencies, elected officials, community groups, and business organizations to help integrate commercial development with a stable, desirable, residential neighborhood in EaDo. Crucial to these goals are providing well-maintained thoroughfares for pedestrians and vehicles, safety for citizens working and living in the area, and a pleasant environment that nurtures future growth. To ensure these goals are met, the EDMD oversees three major, ongoing initiatives: (1) Graffiti Abatement, (2) Right of Way Maintenance, and (3) Code Enforcement/Nuisance Abatement.  For more information on each program, please click here:
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Graffiti Abatement:
EaDo actively eradicates graffiti throughout the neighborhood as it is a drain on tax dollars and it decreases residents’ feelings of safety and value in a community. As steadfast removal of graffiti is crucial to EaDo’s continued success, the EDMD currently contracts with a company specifically geared for rapid response on both public and privately owned properties. Private property owners who want to be part of the abatement program must fill out the permission waiver found here before EaDo’s abatement crews can remove graffiti from those locations. EaDo board member Jim Olive is also working with Aerosol Gallery’s GONZO247 on a new public mural project meant for both abatement and beautification, which is highlighted in the “Inhabitants of EaDo” and “Taking it to the Streets” profiles in this newsletter.

Right of Way Maintenance:
The EDMD helps maintain a trash-free and landscaped right-of-way system within the district with a crew that picks up trash on the streets and medians throughout the district and also mows and edges said rights-of-way. The crews provide varied levels of service, depending on trash accumulation, and also address illegal dumping.

Code Enforcement/Nuisance Abatement:
The EDMD conducts field reviews of the entire district each month, working with the City of Houston to assess and correct violations like abandoned buildings, overgrown grass/weeks, and illegal dumping sites. Regular code violation monitoring is very important to further the EDMD’s efforts to recruit businesses and residents to EaDo.

Having grown up in the East End, GONZO247, “Gonzo,” considers the entire area east of Downtown home, and is excited that the zone closest in has been revamped as the East Downtown Management District. Gonzo is founder and director of Aerosol Warfare, a street/urban art gallery and artist resource center that shows, sells, and assists street, urban, and graffiti artists from Houston and beyond. “The motto of EaDo as ‘The Art & Soul of the City,’ gives me great expectations for this area, and the people who visit me at our gallery are becoming more and more diverse.” Gonzo still lives in the East End, the neighborhood he describes as, “literally just on the other side of the tracks from EaDo,” but the gallery he founded several years ago is situated squarely in the East Downtown Management District on Jefferson Street. The artistic group known as Aerosol Warfare first formed in 1990, but didn’t open a gallery until 2004, when they settled into their first space off of “the curve” in Montrose on lower Westheimer. After moving around to a few locations, including a stint in West U, the group finally settled in their current location at 2110 Jefferson Street in 2007.
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Gonzo has enjoyed watching the neighborhood’s evolution over the last few years and cites its small, locally owned restaurants, accessibility to downtown, and increasing number of artists residing and working near his studio as favorite things about EaDo. “This is for sure a unique part of town. It has a little bit of everything,” he notes, adding that he especially likes, “Calliope’s Po-Boys, Brothers’ Tacos, and Sparkles Hamburgers.”

GONZO247 was exposed to graffiti as a child growing up in the East End, a neighborhood with 25 graffiti murals within its bounds. His artistic endeavors began 1984, a path that has since led him to open the gallery, produce a video series, establish a Houston Wall of Fame (the city’s largest art production of its kind), and work with top brands on urban advertising campaigns. Over the years his projects have included large-scale murals, full wrap-around house designs, automobiles, skateboards, fashion apparel, and, most recently, a series of painted Knoll chairs at Design Within Reach on West Gray.

With his work space established in EaDo, he’s begun to take further interest in public art in the neighborhood, hinting at a little competition with his old stomping grounds, the East End. When asked about future improvements he’d like to see in EaDo, Gonzo replied, “I’d like to see more public art, for sure!” and that’s just what he intends to facilitate with his newest project, in partnership with EaDo-based photographer Jim Olive. For more information on the new public art project, please see the “Taking it to the Streets” write-up in this newsletter. For more information on GONZO247 and Aerosol Warfare, see and/or

Illegal graffiti and tagging cost the city money, drive down property values and stifle growth and tourism, while encouraging crime and delinquency. On the other hand, studies show that public “paintbrush” murals deter vandalism and are almost never hit with graffiti. They’re also a great tool for community engagement, urban revitalization, historic preservation, and neighborhood beautification. While the East Downtown Management District will continue its graffiti abatement program, EaDo board member and photographer Jim Olive has partnered with GONZO247 (“Gonzo”), founder and director of EaDo’s Aerosol Gallery, on a new public mural project involving graffiti artists. Jim and Gonzo are currently approaching businesses to secure exterior wall space throughout the district, and, in November, Gonzo and a team of graffiti artists will begin painting public murals throughout the area, each with its own unique style and theme. This project began when Gonzo, who grew up around the East End’s many public murals, yearned to inject more of his personal art back onto the streets of EaDo. After considering going it alone, he decided to contact the EaDo board to see if they might be interested in helping him connect with local property owners. The board was enthusiastic about the project, and Jim Olive immediately set about offering advice and acting as a liaison between EaDo and various businesses. As the East End already has 25 public murals, EaDo has a long way to go to catch up, but the sky’s the limit in terms of the number this project will eventually complete. The artwork will consider themes that reflect the activities related to each particular wall’s street, businesses, and inhabitants. Says Gonzo, “Hopefully, this will benefit EaDo’s businesses and realtors by bringing customers into the neighborhood who are initially attracted to the art.” He follows, “I also think it will be cool for people to drive through EaDo and get a good idea of the neighborhood’s history and future, just by looking at the murals. My goal is to help spearhead the project, and, when possible, collaborate with other artists who have the same outlook for EaDo.” Stay tuned for more information on this exciting project as it unfolds! For more information on GONZO247 and Aerosol Warfare, see and/or For more on Jim Olive, visit

Much of EaDo’s new housing is built on property that was previously vacant or inhabited by now razed warehouses. The Alexan Lofts, however, combine the old and new in historical harmony! The complex resulted from converting six warehouses built between 1880 and 1920 on the property at 2115 Runnels Street. Over the years, the warehouses have housed a furniture factory, a manufacturing company, an industrial insulator business, and finally, a mixed-use retail center in the 1980’s. In 2002, a team of developers and architects worked with the Texas Historical Commission to transform these historic buildings into a 244 unit complex with over 100 unique floor-plans featuring exposed ceilings, stained concrete floors, high-speed internet, and other typical upscale amenities like a workout center and a pool. The unexpected, however, is in the details the architects salvaged from the warehouses: 3 inch thick antique pine floors, exposed brick walls, 14 inch wide heart-pine columns, and 16-foot ceilings in the true loft style. Now noted in the National Register of Historic Places, the Alexan Lofts offer renters the spirit of Houston’s industrial history, while providing residents with the amenities of a fully-modern facility. For more information, visit or 2115 Runnels St., or call the leasing office at 713.225.2115. Mention this newsletter when talking to the leasing office (ask for Carlos) for a prize!

Each month, we cover highlights of what’s happening in EaDo, and we link to the full calendars of the area’s various venues.  If your venue is not listed and you’d like for it to be, please contact us at

Aerosol Warfare Gallery – check out the 2010 Year-Round Exhibition that’s up from 6/25/10 to 2/1/11
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Lucky's Pub
September 18 – It’s the HALFWAY TO ST. PATTY’S DAY FESTIVAL with 10 bands & DJ’s, featuring The Blaggards, green beer, leprechauns, and more! 
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September 9 – Designer Drugs, featuring Electro/House/Club music. For full Meridian calendar see:
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Super Happy Fun Land
– For a full calendar, please see:
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Warehouse Live
September 4 – Get out the demon suit for DESTROYER: The premier KISS tribute band; September 16 – Local Rock Showcase featuring Saturate, Erase the Virus, and more TBA; September 18 -  A MUST SEE: the venerable Rebirth Brass Band, a New Orleans institution; September 24 – Alt Rock band Ludo.  For full monthly calendar, see:
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EaDo Board Meetings are on the 2nd Tuesday of every other month, the next being 8:00 a.m., Tuesday, September 14, 2010 at Huynh Restaurant – 912 St. Emanuel St.