Our weekly digest spotlights local news and EaDo-related events to keep you in the loop when it comes to the best neighborhood In the Loop. Catch it every week to stay informed.


What’s happening this week: Blu Fitness hosts a Nipsey Hussle tribute, EaDo Bike Co. and artists Donkeeboy and Donkeemom are featured by ABC13, and Magpies & Peacock shows off their environmentally friendly work.


Blu Fitness pays tribute to Nipsey Hussle

The death of Nipsey Hussle was hard for the rap community and fans, but it was his ongoing involvement in his south Los Angeles community that made his passing a loss felt all around the country. Houston included. That’s why Blu Fitness, at 1711 St Emanuel Street, commissioned a mural from Michael Arguello, also known as “MikeCom,” to pay tribute to the fallen star. The mural is now complete and available to visit.


Get to know EaDo Bike Co.

The owners of EaDo Bike Co, Desmond Bitner and Nathan Marquez, showcase their growing bike shop in EaDo in this ABC13 feature. The interview includes insight on why they choose EaDo as their location, the growth they’ve seen in event participation, and a brief history of their business which began as an effort to normalize bike riding as a regular mode of transportation.  


The Mom and Son duo that are Painting Across Houston

Donkeemom (Sylvia Roman) and Donkeeboy (Alex Roman, Jr.), the mom/son duo taking over the Houston art scene, were recently featured in an ABC13 video. The artists spoke about how their careers began as well as their inspirations. Murals by Donkeemom and Donkeeboy can be seen all across Houston, in Minute Maid Park as well as several in EaDo— including the iconic “Brewston” mural at 8th Wonder Brewery.


Non-Profit Magpies & Peacocks Make Going Green the New Black

In this ABC13 feature, the Vice President of Magpies & Peacocks, Ahshia Berry, discusses the nonprofit’s history. Magpies & Peacocks’ founder Sarah-Jayne Smith, meanwhile, discusses the organization’s mission to create fashionable clothing from recycled fabric— all in an effort to dramatically reduce textile waste.



Derrick Lewis UFC 247 After Party

When the Ultimate Fighting Championship comes to Houston on February 8th, Little Woodrows (2019 Walker St) will host a can’t-miss after party. Houston’s own Derrick Lewis, a heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter will be there. Lewis is well known for his help during Hurricane Harvey. The party begins at 10 p.m., and only guests 21 years old and up will be admitted.


Burlesque: The Sweet Spot

The Sweet Spot burlesque show is making a stop at Warehouse Live on February 13th. Their show is described as “…the first ever high energy, heart-pounding, fist pumping, laugh-out-loud burlesque* show in the world.” It’s sure to put all attending in high-spirits. Tickets are on sale now and range from $20 to $40. 


7th Annual Celebr8ion

8th Wonder Brewery will be celebrating their seventh birthday on March 21st. Be sure to get your tickets ahead of time, before they sell out. Neal Francis, Victoria Canal and Blaze x Black are among those performing. Monophonics is headlining the celebration. Follow the 8th Wonder facebook page for more upcoming announcements on food vendors and new beer.