Fans of EaDo’s HTX Sports Creek will be excited to hear about the company’s plan for a new venture near their original location at 2619 Polk Street, slated to open next spring. We recently spoke with HTX Sports Creek representatives to learn more about the whimsically named “Bumpy Pickle,” and to find out about what’s in store for nearby EaDo residents.


Why did HTX Sports Creek decide to expand, and where will the new business be located? 

EaDo has been great to us and we want to keep creating unique concepts that continue to highlight the area. There is so much space to make dream projects happen. We want to continue riding the expansion wave in EaDo and bring the fastest growing sport in America you probably haven’t heard of, Pickle Ball, to the neighborhood. It’s not the exact same concept as Sports Creek—we grabbed the best from our endeavors in the restaurant, rec sports and bar industries and compiled it together to create what we think will be one of the most iconic bars in Houston. Bumpy Pickle is located on a two-acre lot on Lockwood Drive. 



How do you think this will benefit EaDo? 

We want to create a space residents will enjoy, whether it’s through recreational/competitive leagues, live music, watch parties, corporate events or just going out to enjoy a cold brew with great food and kick back at the patio. Bumpy Pickle will feature 10 pickleball courts, five volleyball courts, a dog park, live music stage, large LED screen, and televisions, plus a patio with many yard games. It will also include a restaurant and bar in addition to a rooftop bar, outside bar and parking space for 70 cars. It will basically become a hub where everyone can find entertainment.


When will this project be done? 

We expect to have it ready by March or April of 2020. We will begin construction by the end of November.


Will there be fundraising events coming up? 

We are doing most of our community crowdfunding through Nextseed. People can invest directly in the project with $100 or more.


Where can people learn more and donate? 

This is the link to our project:

This is a link to our website