Nonprofit work isn’t easy, and EaDo is lucky to have great community partners within its bounds that make the entire city of Houston a better place to live.


Celebrating 30 years since its founding, SEARCH Homeless Services is solving the ongoing issue of homelessness by breaking the cycle once and for all. Located at 2015 Congress Avenue, this nonprofit organization has helped thousands of individuals and families find stability each year.


SEARCH was created in 1989 by local citizens and volunteers to combat the growing numbers of men, women and children living on the streets. In the beginning, the organization provided shelter, meals, showers and laundry service. Those services have now extended to helping those in need find jobs and stable housing, to reach the goal of breaking away from the endless cycle of poverty and homelessness. According to SEARCH’s 2018 impact report, they’ve housed over 15,000 people, including 6,649 veterans. They’ve even become a model for the nation as they’ve set the record of reducing homelessness by 51% since 2011.


Their path to success can be found in their services. They guide each client through a process that begins with engaging and stabilizing. Their SEARCH Mobile Outreach Team travels across Houston to provide instant assistance and interventions. When a client is stabilized, they assist in the client’s job and housing search, staying with them until they are steadily back on their feet. For those with young children, a nationally accredited early childhood education childcare is provided to give parents the ability to go to work or go back to school.


The work SEARCH does is truly remarkable. If you want to contribute be sure to donate to one of their several programs or volunteer your time. Check out everything you can do to give back online.