Though it’s called the North Houston Highway Improvement Project, the Texas Department of Transportation’s freeway expansion project spans large swaths of the city, including EaDo-adjacent U.S. 59.

The project, with construction preparations expected to begin as soon as 2020, will change the EaDo landscape as U.S. 59 is expanded and I-45 is rerouted. So what does that mean for EaDo?

While we can’t speak on behalf of TXDOT, Here’s what we know:

  • The land that now runs between the current freeway and St. Emanuel will become part of the expansion, with St. Emanuel serving as the northbound frontage road to U.S. 59.
  • Detailed drawings for the project engineering can be found here.
  • The project will result in a new public space as a cap-over park from Lamar St to Commerce St. See the “EaDo Cap” section of this report.
  • TxDot is still accepting comments to the project team via the website here.
  • Finally, to see a visualization of the proposed changes, check out the video here.