Combined Arms (2929 McKinney Street) describes their organization as every Houston veteran’s new unit, or home base. The key word here is “Combined,” as this non-profit harnesses the resources of more than 40 other nonprofits, providing a range of options to empower veterans and ease their transitions into civilian life.

It all starts with their 15,000-square-foot Combined Arms Transition Center, which offers networking, professional training and gym sessions for veterans and their families. The center also gives permanent workspaces to a number of their member organizations.

In addition to a brick-and-mortar presence, Combined Arms also has a robust digital network. After a customized assessment, veterans are connected to resources based on their individual needs in 96 hours, or less.

And it’s not just about what Houston can do for veterans; it’s also about what veterans can do for Houston. The city is home to nearly 270,000 members of the armed forces, and Combined Arms wants to make Houston the premier post-military destination for veterans from across the country. To do that, they are connecting some of the world’s largest companies with veterans who can help them excel.

According to Combined Arms’ executive director Kelly Land, “Combined Arms and its partner organizations have helped more than 2,000 veterans with job placement, social connection, volunteer opportunities, obtaining VA benefits, legal advice and other services.” Land goes on to say that,”Somebody can come here looking for a single resource and walk away with access to resources that exist across the city, in a single location.”

“Combined Arms is a unique but essential service,” says one veteran. “The assessment assistance to veterans looking for help to find multiple services is the key. All veterans should connect with Combined Arms to look for support or just friendship associations.”

For more information, visit the Combined Arms website, or stop in at the EaDo building, open Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM.