Half of EaDo’s charm is discovering local spots and hidden gems. Who better to navigate the neighborhood’s best kept secrets than the people who spend the most time here? In this version of My EaDo, we asked former Dynamo star and Pitch 25 co-founder Brian Ching to divulge his go-to spots and tell us why he loves the neighborhood.

If you could describe EaDo in three words, what would they be?

Developing, Cool, Inspiring

What are you most excited about for EaDo in the coming year?

All the new developments that will come with being in an opportunity zone and with the change in parking restrictions.

What sets EaDo apart from other places in Houston? What do you love about it?

I love the diversity of businesses that are popping up and the transformation of old warehouses into new.

Best place to bring a group in EaDo to celebrate?

I would say anywhere along St Emanuel between Polk and Rusk because you have so many bar and restaurant options that you can walk to.

Where’s your favorite iconic landmark or piece of EaDo art?

Love Graffiti Park (located at 2102 Leeland Street).

Where in EaDo do you most love to take out of town guests?

I’m definitely biased but Pitch 25 is such a unique space and concept that no one has seen before that gets a ‘wow factor’ from everyone who first enters.

When you want to feel a little fancy, or treat someone to a nice dinner, where do you go in EaDo?

Can’t go wrong with Huynh or Nancy’s Hustle (more on Nancy’s Hustle here).

How about an EaDo late night hang?

If I am feeling active, Pitch 25. If I want to lounge, Chapman & Kirby. If I feel casual, then 8th Wonder.

What’s the most underrated place in EaDo?

Cafe TH

Any upcoming projects or events for Pitch 25 we should look forward to next year?

Pitch 25 will be the place to be for all big watch parties for Dynamo, Astros, March Madness, St. Patrick’s Day, Champions League Final, Cinco De Mayo and the World Women’s Cup.