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Our vision for EaDo, officially known as the East Downtown Management District, is of a well-planned, high quality community, integrating regional and metropolitan commercial development with a stable, desirable residential neighborhood. We see urban development where safety and security are trademarks, and where well–maintained streets, pedestrian areas and freeways provide ease of mobility that highlights East Downtown’s superb access to Houston’s urban core. Throughout this effort, the bottom line will be our commitment to enhancement of the District for our constituents.

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Bryan Hucke

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Kevin Hanratty


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Michael Sperandio

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Randolph Wile

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Andre Azizi

Assistant Secretary

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R. David Denenburg

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Stephanie Macey

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Shahin Naghavi


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The District provides services and improvements in six major program areas:

  • Public Safety and Security
  • District Field Services
  • Planning and Advocacy
  • Business Development/Media Relations
  • District Beautification
  • District Administration

Public Safety and Security

To create a safe environment through coordination with law-enforcement agencies and programs to ensure that the District is among the most crime-free and desirable neighborhoods in the City of Houston and Harris County.

The EaDo Management District manages an additional contract with Harris County Precinct 6 constables for additional patrols in the EaDo District.

Dispatch for Precinct 6:  713 247 3400
Dispatch for Houston Police Department (HPD): 713 884 3131

District Field Services

To provide well-maintained and attractive public spaces such as streetscapes, sidewalks, and other areas of the public realm.

Graffiti Abatement
Quick removal of graffiti has demonstrated time and time again to increase the sense of safety in an area as well as to generally discourage graffiti.

This program provides rapid response to graffiti tagging on both public and privately owned properties.

For privately owned areas we request that this PERMISSION WAIVER be filled-out and sent to us in order for the EDMD graffiti abatement crews to remove tagging from those locations whenever it occurs.

Right of Way Maintenance
The purpose of this program is to maintain a trash–free and landscaped public rights-of-way in the district. On a regular basis, the EDMD crews pick up trash within the street right-of-way throughout EaDo. The crews address every street within the District, but at a different level of service depending on trash accumulation. The crews also address illegal dumping locations. Included in the service is mowing and edging along the street right-of-way.

Code Enforcement/Nuisance Abatement:
In order to retain compliance with the City of Houston Codes, the EDMD conducts field reviews of the entire district once a month. Those types of violations that are reported include abandon buildings, illegal dumping sites, overgrown grass/weeds; and other code and neighborhood protection violations that are enforced by the City of Houston. Regular monitoring of code violations enables the EDMD to retain a high level of standards for the maintenance of private property.

Planning and Advocacy

To provide professional planning coordination, project management, and public policy advocacy.

The EaDo Management District works extensively with numerous public and private agencies to ensure EaDo’s long-term success as one of Houston’s great urban districts.

Business Development and Media Relations

To develop, support, and promote economic growth by creating and reinforcing positive perceptions of East Downtown as an outstanding place for urban-style residential neighborhoods and restaurants, live entertainment venues, vibrant artist communities, employment opportunities, building and investing in new businesses, and recreation.

District Beautification

To identify and support efforts for enhanced beautification and recreation in the District through tree planting, landscaping, and development of new public spaces while retaining a high level of landscape maintenance throughout the District.

District Administration

To provide effective and efficient on-site professional management of District programs and projects as defined by the 10 Year Service Plan.

This document is a Ten Year Service, Improvement, and Assessment Plan (Service Plan) put into effect for fiscal years 2016-2026. This Service Pan sets forth the vision, goals to be achieved, services to be rendered, and improvements to be made in support of the property owners within the boundaries of the East Downtown Management District (the “District” or “EDMD”) located in Houston, TX, just east of Houston’s Central Business District, consisting of 784 acres or 1.225 square miles. This Service Plan also outlines costs and a proposal for funding the plan for the area managed by the District. This Service Plan succeeds the previous Service, Improvement, and Assessment Plan (the 2012-2016 Plan). A public hearing on the proposed Service Plan was called after the required signed petitions in support of the Service Plan are received from at least 50 owners of land within the District. Following the public hearing, the Service Plan was considered and adopted by the District’s Board of Directors. In this Service Plan, the property owners seek to:

  • Present a unified voice for themselves, business owners, tenants and residents
  • Maximize existing government services, and supplement these services when and where 
  • Render continuous, focused, professional management of the needs of the District
  • Provide equitable project funding for District services and improvements
  • Maintain the District as a distinctive place in which to start and grow a business, to live, to invest and to entertain and recreate.


2016–2026 Service Plan

Board Meeting Minutes And Agendas

Combined Arms
2929 McKinney St
Houston, TX 77003

2nd Wednesday of the month

10:00 am

The first meeting of the calendar year is in January and the last in November. On occasion, the date or time of a board meeting may change, or special meetings may take place as necessary.


March 8

May 10

July 12

September 13

November 8


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Check back soon!

Board meeting to be held on Monday, April 15, 2024 at 12:00 pm v in our office, and via Webex.   Meeting link:  https://bracewell.webex.com/bracewell/j.php?MTID=m186732c3e4823f90c9d9478bf60cbcfb Meeting Access Code:  2661 043 9503 Join by phone: +1-855-282-6330 United States TOLL FREE Access code: 2661 043 9503   Meeting Agenda