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A Walkthrough of Completed, Active and Future Projects.

EAST DOWNTOWN REDEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY/TIRZ 15. Click here to see the Past and Recent Projects storymap from the meeting.

Community Briefing April 26, 2022. Download a copy of the Recent and Upcoming Project Updates presentation from the meeting.

About Tirz 15


Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones (TIRZs) are special zones created by City Council to attract new investment in an area. These zones help finance costs of redevelopment and promote growth in areas that would otherwise not attract sufficient market development in a timely manner. Taxes attributable to new improvements (tax increments) are set-aside in a fund to finance public improvements within the boundaries of the zone.
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The creation of TIRZ 15 was passed and approved by the city of Houston, TX on July of 1999. View Document.

The purpose of the Zone is to set forth goals, expectations, and redevelopment plans and programs necessary to create and support an environment attractive to private investment; and to ensure that the improvements will result in the long-term stability and viability of the area. Find out more.



Infrastructure improvements. Public roadways and public utilities systems are required to create an environment that will stimulate private investment in retail, residential, commercial, and mixed-use developments. Reconstruction of utility systems will be taken to improve functionality and replace aged facilities. All roadway improvements will be integrated with street reconstruction projects of the City of Houston, METRO, TxDOT, and other public entities, and where possible include elements not included in those programs.

Pedestrian-friendly environments with ample lighting and streetscape amenities. Streetscape enhancements are required to create an environment that will help stimulate investment in retail, residential, and commercial developments. Enhanced streetscape components include sidewalks, lighting, signage, street trees, landscaping, benches and other pedestrian amenities. The reconstruction of key streets and major thoroughfares will enhance the level of service in the area. The construction of sidewalk systems including ADA compliant ramps and other treatments will improve pedestrian safety, enhance the visual environment and provide connectivity both within the community and to adjacent districts.

Parks and related amenities. The development of public green space through land acquisition, the dedication of public easements, dedicated parking, and the construction of enhancements. All improvements will be integrated with adjacent land uses and provided with upgrades focused on connectivity, pedestrian safety, and the visual environment.

The reinforcement of pedestrian-attractive retail developments. The retention and expansion of the retail and commercial developments in the East Downtown area including the Bastrop, Saint Emanuel, Dowling, Hutchins, Texas and Chartres corridors is of key importance to the successful redevelopment of the area. The provision of base level retail functionality is essential to the continued expansion of mixed-use residential projects in the area. In particular, it is envisioned to assist in the development of primary commercial and retail corridors through the implementation of an enhanced pedestrian environment with an emphasis on parking, landscaping, wide sidewalks, public art and adequate pedestrian amenities.

Complementing revitalization activities proposed to occur along future/proposed METRO mass transit alignments within the boundaries of the TIRZ. METRO funding of public transit systems can be complimented by TIRZ activities including the funding of alignment improvements, upgrades, right-of-way acquisition, and provisions for public art. Future METRO stations with the boundaries of the TIRZ could spur redevelopment while benefiting existing businesses. The METRO Solutions Southeast and East End alignments will include station locations within the boundaries of the TIRZ. The TIRZ will look for specific key economic development opportunities and capitalize on METRO’s revitalization of key corridors included in the TIRZ.

Economic Development. In cases where improving public infrastructure alone is insufficient or inadequate to stimulate private investment and economic development, the TIRZ would seek to fund an economic development program that would directly incentivize private enterprise that affects the TIRZ and serve as a catalyst for other business developments. Examples of how the program would be used including funding for business development and retention, business loss mitigation in cases where large public construction projects disrupt access to and operation of businesses, economic development grants to catalyze investments, and matching grants to provide leverage for other economic development funds, such as state enterprise projects, state economic development bank funds and new market tax credit allocations. An appropriate economic development program would be created by the TIRZ and subject to City approval.

Affordable Housing. The TIRZ projects it will fund Affordable Housing initiatives inside and outside the Zone. The Affordable Housing projects could include a supportive housing program designed to develop supportive housing and services that allow homeless persons to live as independently as possible. Emphasis could be placed on supportive services needed to assist homeless persons in the transition from homelessness to self-



Gordon Quan, Chairman

Frances Castaneda Dyess, Vice-Chair

Bernardo Aldape, Secretary

Christopher Hollins, Director

Seth Hopkins, Director

Paula Mendoza, Director

Martha Gil, Director


All Board meetings for the East Downtown Redevelopment Authority / TIRZ 15 take place at 12:00 p.m. at Bracewell, LLP, located at 711 Louisiana, Suite 2300. The Board typically meets on the third Monday. Please note that meeting dates are subject to change based on the ability to meet and maintain quorum. To request additional information or a time to speak publicly at the Board meeting, please contact the TIRZ 15 Administrator at admin@edratirz15.org.

Future regular Board of Directors regular meetings are scheduled:

  • 2023: December 11
  • 2024: February 19, April 15, June 17, September 16, October 21, December 16


This document contains suggested development guidelines for public improvements and is intended to provide urban design and materials to be used as reference for developers/consultants operating or planning to redevelop within TIRZ 15. The intended GOAL of this publication is to convey the quality and resultant ambiance to private developers as well as professionals engaged in planning and design within or adjacent to the public ROW. Professionals with commissions in the area are encouraged to reinforce the existing character as well as design diversity of the area fabric and to echo in the design of new and/or renovated existing structures, when possible.





Meetings of the Board of Directors for the East Downtown Management District are held on the 3rd Monday at 12:00 PM in February, April, June, September, October, and the 2nd Monday at 12:00 PM in December.


On occasion, the date or time of a board meeting may change, or special meetings may take place as necessary.  Agendas are posted at City Hall. If you would like to receive notice of TIRZ meetings, please utilize the Contact the TIRZ form below.


Notice of Public Hearing, Wednesday, October 25, 2023, at 12:00 p.m.


Past Public Meetings:

February 12, 2020

December 11, 2018

Community Briefing March 23, 2021

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