For the mother of all treasure hunts, get yourself to the Texas Art Asylum to peruse 6,000 square feet of every kind of item imaginable. Everything from teeth—both false and real—to buttons and filing cabinets to yarn and parking meters and grain sacks and half-used spray paint (you get the idea) is just waiting to be repurposed at this local gem that bills itself “part craft store, part thrift store, part salvage yard and part antique store.”

All of the items that come to the store are cast-offs from businesses and people who no longer want them. Like the retired teacher who donated 40 years’ worth of specimen jars, or the family cleaning out their loved one’s chock-full attic.

The staff estimates that about a half-ton of stuff comes in each year. The items are spiffed up and offered for sale, either by the pound or as marked. This is no Island of Misfit Toys, however, as the items are scooped up by artists and DIY enthusiasts to live on as a new creation.

If you want some help imagining the possibilities, Texas Art Asylum offers classes and art shows too. Second Thursdays are evening hang outs where you can craft and chill. There are also special days and deals for teachers.

If you do have items to donate, note that you can’t just drop in anytime. There are specific days and times available at the beginning and end of the month. For more information, check out Texas Art Asylum’s event page or Facebook page.