Ben Schney, also known as “Mr. Ben,” is a resourceful entrepreneur who knows how to make a pivot. He started an HVAC and refrigeration company about 40 years ago, which has since evolved into a custom wine cellar contracting business.


Located in EaDo, Schney found his current location when the area started transitioning, and many warehouses were vacant. He was given a “great offer for rent,” and had room to grow as a business, since the company fabricates and builds everything related to the custom wine cellars they install all around the city.


When the first client asked Schney if AABC could create a custom interior wine cellar, he wasn’t sure how to do it. After extensive research and experimentation, he found special materials and was able to engineer the cellar, and thus a new branch of his business was born, and has since become the main focus.


That was 25 years ago.


Now, AABC installs contemporary, modern glass-walled wine rooms in both residential and commercial locations, including condos, homes, restaurants, hotels and more.


The company has also expanded further, into designs, fabrication and installation of custom Italian kitchens.


Learn more about AABC and their custom wine cellars at their website.