Our weekly digest spotlights local news and EaDo-related events to keep you in the loop when it comes to the best neighborhood In the Loop. Catch it every week to stay informed.


In this digest: New beers in EaDo, a French-inspired dinner, and carnival is coming to town.


Party at 8th Wonder this weekend

Wonder Water Herbal Seltzers and Hard 8 Pale Ales launch this Sunday. The new brews, combined with a stacked lineup of live music, are more than enough to make “8.8 Day” the best way to cap off your weekend. 


Roots’ Monthly Wine Dinner Series is next week

Treat your taste buds to a French escape hosted by French Country Wines and Chef Andre Garza. Reserve a spot at this five-course paired dinner on Thursday, August 12.


The annual Truckyard Carnival is back

Washboard music and watermelon kegs set the stage for a one-of-a-kind weekend event. Mark your calendar for the Redneck Carnival on August 21 & 22 at Truckyard. 


Local Business Love:


Inspired by one of Houston’s first Vietnamese restaurants, the new Fried Garlic Tofu Danish will help you make the most of Hatch Chile season. 


Leeland House

All-day brunch just got better thanks to a delicious Espresso Martini from this EaDo bistro. 



A slice is even nicer when it’s part of a $10 lunch combo. Every day from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.


EaDo Fitness

Add some fitness fun to your back-to-school plans starting August 16. Sign up for this EaDo gym’s new after-school kids’ classes. 


Nancy’s Hustle

Enjoy $15 per hour, affordable health insurance, paid vacations, and a free meal during your shifts as a line cook with this award-winning restaurant team. 


Scoots HTX

They have enough scooters for everyone. Explore the town during a unique outing with your entire company, team or family.