KPRC 2’s Houston Life debuted a new segment in July, with EaDo restaurant Indianola as the star. According to KPRC, the Brunch Bunch is a diverse team of “local food lovers” that “try out some of the hottest brunch spots in and around Houston.” 


The five-person team (Derrick Shore, Dom Mcghee, Beatriz Oliveros, and Darian and Monica Lewis) convened at Indianola and came away with positive reviews after their visit.


Indianola serves modern American cuisine with an added twist. The Brunch Bunch tried the restaurant’s Moroccan eggs, based on the classic dish “shakshuka,” a crispy duck rice dish made with tamarind sauce and ginger rice, a chicken biscuit that includes a homemade buttermilk biscuit, and Indianola’s interpretation of Eggs Benedict, served on a Oaxacan cheese pupusa. 


In the first dispatch, the group raved about the atmosphere, food, and drinks. Monica Lewis loved the taste of the chicken biscuit saying, “The flavor bounced all in my mouth, so I mean, well-seasoned.” Darian and Mcghee both commented on the crispy duck rice, which Mcghee deemed the “perfect brunch item.” Oliveros loved the unique twist to the Eggs Benedict, and Shore loved the Moroccan eggs he felt had the perfect amount of spice.


If you want to see what else the Brunch Bunch had to say, check out the segment below: