The EaDo Management District was created in 1999 by the Texas State Legislature, and the District Board approved a new 10 year Service Plan in 2016. Though we’ve accomplished quite a bit, we’re just getting started. As another year comes to a close, we thought it would be a good idea to answer the questions: what is our vision for EaDo, and what does a management district do?

  • We care about the safety of residents and business owners, which is why we coordinate with law-enforcement agencies and programs to ensure their safety. The EaDo Management District manages a contract with Harris County Precinct 6 constables for additional patrols in the EaDo District.
  • We want our district to be well-maintained and attractive, so that EaDo’s unique character can shine. Our graffiti abatement program provides rapid response to graffiti tagging on both public and privately owned properties.
  • We also provide a “Right of Way” maintenance program to keep walkways and streets trash-free. Our EDMD crews pick up trash on every street within the District, with the level of service depending on trash accumulation. These crews also address illegal dumping locations. Included in the service is mowing and edging along streets.
  • Part of creating secure and clean neighborhoods means making sure that buildings in the district retain a high level of maintenance standards and are in compliance with the city’s building codes. In order to retain compliance with the City of Houston Codes, the EDMD conducts field reviews of the entire district once a month. Reported violations include abandoned buildings, illegal dumping sites, overgrown grass/weeds, and other code and neighborhood protection violations enforced by the City of Houston.
  • We look to the future of EaDo by providing professional planning coordination, project management, and public policy advocacy when it comes to development. We work with numerous public and private agencies to ensure EaDo’s long-term success as one of Houston’s great urban districts.
  • We want others to know how great EaDo is, and we develop, support, and promote economic growth by creating and reinforcing positive perceptions of East Downtown. We look for opportunities to tell the media (and the world) that EaDo is an outstanding place for urban-style residential neighborhoods and restaurants, live entertainment venues, vibrant artist communities, employment opportunities, building and investing in new businesses, and recreation.
  • We always look for areas of improvement, and as a result we consistently identify and support efforts for enhanced beautification and recreation in the District through tree planting, landscaping, and development of new public spaces.