EaDo non-profit Magpies & Peacocks is headed to the UK for London Fashion Week! They will be  showcasing zero-waste, up-cycled fashion, and circular design at Fashion Scout during their time in London.

Two sustainable collections, one from René Garza and another from Jerri Moore + Clarence Lee, will be on display February 17. They will include custom textiles from local EaDo artists Nicola Parenté and Robert Hodge.

The Indie runway show Fashion Scout is dedicated to showcasing international and revolutionary fashion. Both collections were created in the Magpies and Peacocks warehouse which is located in EaDo and made entirely from donated reclaimed textiles.

Donations to the 501c3 non-profit are always accepted, but are especially needed during this time. Per Magpies and Peacocks, “As the only Houston design house (and the only non-profit) showing for this world class event, we would love your support on our road there. Every dollar counts to help make this prestigious opportunity possible for our city and our Houston designers. Please help us if you can by donating here.”

For sponsor and ticket enquiries, email ahshia@magpiesandpeacocks.org.