The EaDo Management District exists to promote, develop, encourage and maintain employment, commerce, transportation, housing, tourism, recreation, arts, entertainment, economic development, safety and the public welfare within EaDo boundaries.

That’s a tall order, and to make this happen, a dedicated group of civic and local business leaders participate in a volunteer basis as part of the district’s Board of Directors. Working with city and country officials and local business owners, these board members are committed to enhancing life in the EaDo District.


In an effort to help you get to know who’s working to help you, we’re starting a series to highlight individual board members on the site. This month we’re happy to introduce Jeremy Conner, Shipping/Warehouse Manager at Oak Farms Dairy.


What is your relationship to the EaDo area?

I have worked in the area for four years.


How did you decide to become an EaDo District board member?

As one of the largest businesses in the district, Oak Farms has had a representative on the board since its inception. When the position came open, I was happy to volunteer as our representative. I have always been interested in local governance and feel that it is important to be involved with my local community.


How long have you been an EaDo board member?

Around one year.


What upcoming project in EaDo are you most excited about?

The Pease Street entrance project with Scenic Houston and upcoming Houston B cycle expansion.


Is there anything about EaDo you wish people knew?

I wish everyone knew just how many great restaurants and businesses we have in the district.  


What would you tell people interested in buying/investing/starting a business in the EaDo District?

I would tell them that investing in EaDo at this time is a great opportunity and the district is just heating up.


Favorite EaDo restaurant?

Way too many good restaurants to pick a favorite.