Dr. Michael Ryan Farmer opened EaDo Vet Clinic at 2704 Polk Street in January of 2018. A practicing veterinarian since 2012, Dr. Farmer loves the location of his business because he says it feels like a small town, but with easy access to the amenities and excitement of Downtown Houston.

His patients (and their humans) love his down-to-earth approach, his willingness to explain things in a way that’s easy to understand, and his consistently thoughtful and compassionate care.

This holiday season, he has some tips on keeping your furry family members safe, healthy and happy.

Plants and Decor

If you have a live Christmas tree, make sure you have ways to keep your animals from drinking the water at the base of the tree stand. Also, make sure any glass or fragile ornaments are strategically placed to prevent them from falling and breaking (and injuring you or your pets), or skip those altogether.

Note that seasonal plants like mistletoe and holly can be toxic if ingested by your pets.


Dr. Farmer notices more patients around this time of year with tummy problems like vomiting or diarrhea, likely due to access to higher fat foods from holiday gatherings, chocolate and even alcohol. This can sometimes lead to a serious (and expensive-to-treat) condition called pancreatitis, which can be fatal. To keep your pets safe and happy, don’t share your table scraps, and make sure food and alcohol is inaccessible to pets that could jump onto counters.


The holidays are a time for gathering, and though some pets crave the friendly attention of guests, others get stressed out by crowds and unfamiliar people. If you plan to host a holiday party, consider the best option for your pets. If you can’t find a pet sitter, Dr. Farmer suggests  keeping pets (and guests) safe by finding a quiet, secluded space.

If you’re interested in learning more from Dr. Farmer, check out the Eado Vet Clinic 1st Annual Christmas Party on Saturday, December 15!