Half of EaDo’s charm is discovering local spots and hidden gems. Who better to navigate the neighborhood’s best kept secrets than the people who spend the most time here? In this version of My EaDo, we asked Chef/Owner of Cafe TH Minh Nguyen to divulge his go-to spots and tell us why he loves the neighborhood.

If you could describe EaDo in three words, what would they be?

Raw, Rediscovery, and Opportunities.

What are you most excited about for EaDo in the coming year?

I’m excited to see the blending of the old neighborhoods with new and original concepts while preserving what has made this area thrive over the decades.

What sets EaDo apart from other places in Houston? What do you love about it?

It’s an area that people who aren’t familiar with dismiss because they assume certain things about the “wards.” I love that it’s quiet and peaceful but has this gritty, edgy feel to it. People moving here [find that this] energy is anything but dull and monotonous.

Best place to bring a group in EaDo to celebrate?

This is a trick question. It depends on the occasion. If you’re looking for a sports celebration then you can’t lose with Pitch 25 or 8th Wonder Brewery. If you’re seeking a rowdy celebration or partying, then I’d head to Neil’s Bahr. If you’re seeking a calmer evening with a more intimate vibe, then I’d have to give it to Indianola, Nancy’s Hustle or Cafe TH

Where’s your favorite iconic landmark or piece of EaDo art?

A bike ride [can help people] discover what the essence of this area is about. It’s an accumulation of everything. The hike and bike trails, the old and new murals on buildings or structures, the sounds of chickens crowing, and the look of people hard at work gardening, repairing, and working on their homes or business to make this community better.

How about an EaDo late night hang?

I do love Miss Carousel and great additions to this part of town is the Truck Yard and Lil’ Danny Speedos Go Fly a Kite Lounge.

Any upcoming projects or events for your business we should look forward to next year?

We are always looking to improve some way, somehow. I’d like to do some sort of coffee program, if the people want us to…