As our community grows with exciting developments that improve the landscape, EaDo District is also committed to working with businesses and nonprofits to produce walkable, bikeable thruways for residents.

Though these pathways are a boon to the neighborhood fitness set, walkable areas aren’t just great for athletic activity; they also help keep people connected and provide a way to experience the world without the barrier of a vehicle window.

There are plenty of plans in the works to incorporate more bike lanes and safe pedestrian walkways around the District, but we’re proud to host an entrance to the four-mile long Columbia Tap Rail-Trail at the heart of EaDo, where St. Charles Street meets Walker Street.

The hike and bike trail spans the old Columbia Tap railroad route and runs from the Charles and Walker street entrance to Dixie Street near the Medical Center in the south, passing through Third Ward Texas and the Southern University campus.

Native Texas trees line the trail, and with some recent help from nonprofit Trees For Houston, the EaDo entrance now boasts some new trees we hope will grow and thrive along with the neighborhood for years to come.

Grab your bikes (and helmets, of course), and get to pedaling. Come see what this urban trail holds, and get some fresh air in the process.