As the 4th largest metropolitan area in the United States, Houston’s got a lot going on. Here’s a roundup of some of the month’s most important City of Houston news that could affect EaDo residents, straight from Mayor Sylvester Turner’s office.

BARC Offers $10 Microchips This Week, April 14-21

In honor of National Pet I.D. Week, BARC, the City of Houston’s Animal Shelter and Adoption Center, will offer $10 microchipping for pets. “Microchips are a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to keep your pet safe and secure if they get out, because they can easily be used to identify pets and their owners. Every pet should have one,” said Jennifer Barrera Wandrey, Outreach Manager at BARC.

BARC will have microchips on sale for $10 April 14th-21st at BARC’s wellness clinic located at 3200 Carr Street, Houston, TX 77026 from noon to 4 p.m.

Prop B Unresolved

Following the passage of Proposition B on Nov. 6th, Houston firefighters are guaranteed a 29% pay increase. Mayor Sylvester Turner, who was vocally against Prop B, stated previously that increasing pay would require substantial layoffs in fire departments across the city to free up needed funding. However in a document dated Apr. 3, Mayor Turner offered “a 3.5-year phase-in that would significantly reduce, but not eliminate, the need for layoffs.”

Layoffs Loom

The 3.5 year phase-in of firefighter pay parity suggested by Mayor Turner and the City of Houston was rejected by spokesman Patrick “Marty” Lancton of the firefighters’ association. In the absence of a compromise, the City announced that “67 fire cadets received notice that they will be laid off in 60 days. Next week 47 municipal workers will receive notices. And on April 17, City Council will vote on layoffs of classified (first responder) personnel.”

Senate Bill 1152 & House Bill 3535

Do you use cable service? If so, Mayor Turner has a message for you. Two bills currently in the Texas Legislature seek to “reduce the amount of money cable companies pay to use the city’s right of way to deliver their video, internet, telecommunications and other services.” This is problematic as it eliminates anywhere from $17-27 million in revenue for the City of Houston. The press release dated Apr. 5 asked that “each Houston customer contact his or her state senator and state representative and urge them to vote no on Senate Bill 1152 and House Bill 3535.”

Check back soon for the latest EaDo and City of Houston news.