Our weekly digest spotlights local news and EaDo-related events to keep you in the loop when it comes to the best neighborhood In the Loop. Catch it every week to stay informed.


In this week’s digest: EaDo polling stations, a spooky Sunday market, and an award-winning beer.


Find nearby polling stations

Are you looking for a polling station close to your home, work, or somewhere in between? Use this interactive map to find the best spot in EaDo to exercise your right to vote! And don’t forget, METRO is offering FREE rides to voters on 10/24, 10/26 to 10/29, and 11/3.


Don’t be afraid, it’s Sunday-Funday

Not only is Pitch 25 a great place to catch a beer and a game, this Sunday 10/25 you can also wear a Halloween costume and shop…til you drop. The beer park is hosting “The Boo-runch,” a spooky Sunday market, from 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. 


Local beer wins major award

True Anomaly’s “Freedom 7” won a bronze medal at the prestigious Great American Beer Festival! While the brewery is currently sold out of its champion brew, they have many incredible beers to enjoy, including “Liberty Bell 7.”⁠


Local Business Love

8th Wonder Brewery 

The brewery’s annual “Screwed Up Sunday” won’t have live performances this year, but DJ Screw and 8th Wonder fans can still pre-order a NEW glass designed by Donkeeboy. The glass comes with a 6 pack of ScrewBerry Beer. And don’t forget to ring in the fall with the crispiest of local lagers: Instant Classic is $6 for 6 packs or $22 for 24 packs.


Comfort Food To-Go

Houstonia Magazine just featured Huynh Restaurant, Brothers Taco House, and Nancy’s Hustle as your best bets for a tasty takeout experience in EaDo. Looks like your next three Friday nights are booked.


EaDo Big Boy Toy Rentals

Scooters, trikes, bikes and RVs: Nobody said social distancing had to be boring. If you’re looking to explore Houston in a unique way, check out their website to learn more.


Combined Arms

The military veterans focused nonprofit is offering comprehensive classes for first-time home buyers, specifically new Americans: SIVs (Special Immigrant Visas) and allies. If that sounds like you, register for either the 10/25 or 10/29 class today.