EaDo residents looking to transport themselves to Ireland without buying a plane ticket now have a new outlet—and way to get fit—thanks to the Houston Gaelic Athletic Club.


The Houston Gaelic Athletic Club is on the lookout for coed Gaelic football players for their Sunday night Rec League. Described as a combination of football and rugby, the sport features teams of 15 players whose goal is to kick or punch a round ball into a net (scoring three points) or over the crossbar (one point).


The Houston Gaelic Athletic Club’s season includes five weeks of scrimmages and runs from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Sundays at EaDo’s Sports Creek. Games are scrimmage style with no set teams.


Registration is $50, which helps cover field costs.


So, if you think you can handle Gaelic football, or just want to try something new, fill out the form here. Summer body not required.


For questions or additional information, contact houstongaels@gmail.com.