There’s nothing like a good cup of coffee, but sometimes your daily pick-me-up means more than a hot cup of joe—especially during the warm summer months when a caffeine craving can only be sated with something cool. Luckily for those that live and work in EaDo, we have plenty of places to fill your caffeine needs.


Ahh, Coffee!

This coffee shop close to the BBVA Compass Stadium serves a variety of espresso-based drinks and beans to satisfy the coffee-starved. From “single origin” diehards to those branching out from well-known chains looking for something different, this busy shop between Chartres and Rusk streets is a regular for EaDo residents. Visit the shop at 2018 Rusk Street.


Cafe TH

Cafe TH is best known for its friendly owner and terrific Vietnamese dishes served at lunch and dinner. But the savvy diner also knows that their Vietnamese coffee is a perfectly sweet midday perk. Visit Cafe TH at 2108 Pease Street.


Leeland House

Leeland House makes a perfect place to indulge in a weekend brunch or meet a prospective business lead on a weekday. The cozy atmosphere feels relaxed, whether you’re enjoying an iced coffee on the patio or an espresso shot with your toast at the bar. Head to 2119 Leeland Street to settle in for conversation among friends or grab a latte to-go.


True Anomaly

“Wait,” you might be thinking. “What is a craft brewery doing in a roundup of coffee places?” Well, the owners of this newly opened spot knew that not everyone would be interested in an afternoon pint, so they dedicated a tap line to creamy Boomtown nitro cold brew. Head to 2012 Dallas Street for a taste.


8th Wonder

OK, this is definitely a brewery, and they don’t serve a non-alcoholic version of coffee. But they do offer something just as good: a Vietnamese coffee porter called “Rocket Fuel.” If you find yourself on 2202 Dallas Street, head inside, take some amazing shots with the “We Love Houstonsign, and get a drink dedicated to the city’s favorite professional basketball team.